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Guest Comments and Photo Gallery

Sailing Photo Gallery & Guest Comments

Here's what a few of our passengers had to say about their trip on the Taber
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Best Maine Windjammer
Happy Windjammer sailors

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Taber entering Owls Head

Schooner Stephen Taber
North Haven oysters

"Layers of laughter and good food over a solid base of experienced sailing has made for a trip not soon forgotten. Thank you for a wonderful time. We'll see you again soon." —Beth and Michael, Ft. Wayne, IN

"What a great crew, view, FOOD and total experience. We really enjoyed our shipmates and had fun learning what it is to sail a big schooner. Thank you for your hospitality." —Stave and Maryanne, Seneca, IL

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Bounty of the sea

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Visiting fishing villages

Best Maine Windjammer
The incomparable Michael Green

"What could possibly be finer that a stay-cation Down East? A cruise aboard the Stephen Taber! Rockland, to Swans Island, Calderwood Island lobstah bake deluxe, North Haven and Owls Head — with divine food, good company, excellent music and more, under Capt'n Noah's gentle and comedic guidance. Loved it all. Thank you for the fine memories." —Anne and Mac, Auburn, ME

Schooner Stephen Taber
brie en croûte

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Camden Windjammer fireworks —
best seat in the houseboat

Schooner Stephen Taber
Heading to the beach for
a Lobsterbake and a hike

"We wanted to take a dream trip, and this was that and so much more! Thank you to the whole crew for being so wonderful. We'll see you again."
—Jim and Jeanne, Chesterfield, MO

"This adventure was everything I thought it would be and more. Cheers, to a terrific captain and crew!" —Chuck and Barbara, Hampton, NH

Schooner Stephen Taber
Anna Miller, How do you do it?

Schooner Stephen Taber
Camden Windjammer Festival

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Maine Windjammer Cruising

"The weather was perfect, the sailing was smooth, the food was amazing — the crew was enthusiastic and impressive! The wine was superb. The trip could not have been better. Thank you for a spectacular few days." —Laurie and John, Salem, OH

Schooner Stephen Taber
Taber and Bowditch at sunset

Schooner Stephen Taber
The Nashville Connection

Best Maine Windjammer
Stonington, Maine, one of our favorite spots

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." —Ryan, CA

"First day wasn't too sure — last day found the whole week to be incredible. Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure." —Les and Chris, Winston-Salem, NC

Best Maine Windjammer
Braised fennel

Best Maine Windjammer
Come enjoy our new Paddleboards

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Jane and Noah

"Thank you all for being wonderful ambassadors for the state of Maine. I have wanted to visit the state for years, (I think circa Murder She Wrote) and was so thrilled and enamored by the whole visit!" —Sean, Winston-Salem, NC

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Schooner at anchor

Best Maine Windjammer
Lobster al fresco à la Maine

Schooner Stephen Taber
Maine harbor sunset

"Loved the blue water, green islands, and white sails! Liked the flexibility — sailors w/o boats could pitch in, or rest easy and just watch. You have a great crew and as a great captain, you are coaching them well. Hope to see you again."
—Jim and Cely, Joplin, MO

Schooner Stephen Taber
Charasmatic Megafauna

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Charlie Nobles' music on the Bay

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Fresh-rolled ravioli

"I wish to convey my deepest thanks for you hospitality, humor, helpfulness, and general good times. Truly enjoyed the sail, fog and all." —Bill, Fairfax, VA

"Capt. Noah, Anna, & Crew: This marvelous schooner and experience has left us speechless with emotions running freely. While it might be organic and spontaneous, we know the coordination, leadership, and teamwork required. We loved every moment. Thanks for the memories." —Tena and David, Loring, VA

Best Maine Windjammer
Windjammer Parade ©Bob Trapani

Best Maine Windjammer
Moments after victory, Race Day 2014

Family friendly cruise in Maine
Pasta and squash blossoms

"Our second time on the Taber, and once again we were delighted. A great mix of seamanship, showmanship, great scenery, great food, and friendly company. This is our disconnected vacation (no e-mail or cell phones), and we're already planning our return." —Lynn and Mark, Morton, IL

Schooner Stephen Taber
Potatoes Gratinée

Best Maine Windjammer
Captain Noah

Schooner Stephen Taber
Fireworks in Maine

"For the past few days we have really felt to be part of a new circle of friends. It's a credit to you all. We had a great time helping out and learning new skills. Wine, dine, and chocolate? You becha!!! Thank for the birthday celebration, too." —Marco and Gillian, New Hampshire

Schooner Stephen Taber

Family friendly cruise in Maine

Best Maine Windjammer

"What an exicting first trip on the Stephen Taber! And the wind flowed and flowed! Everything was great — food, crew, shipmates, amazing views. Looking forward to returning. Amazing place to spend a birthday! Something about the crew and shipmates made it easy to quickly be relaxed and feel part of a close-knit group. Can't wait until we sail again!" —Blaine, MN

Maine Parade of Sail

Sail a Maine schooner

Lobster sailing

Maine Windjammer trip

Sailing vacation in Maine

Cruise Maine Coast

"Fine wine, fine food, fine music, fine sailing. Nothing else needs to be said. Thanks for a great sail." —Gary

Gourmet food sail

Best things to do in Maine

Visit Coastal Maine

"This was a amazing trip for our second time around. We just can't say thanks enough for making it so special. The scenery was spectacular and the meals were wonderful. Can't wait to book trip #3." —Hampton, NH

Go sailing in Maine

Best Rockland Schooner

Best thing to do in Maine

Wine and sailing

Maine vacation sailing

Best Rockland Schooner to Sail

"You made a 50 year old dream come true. Thank you, I had a grand time. Hope to see you again." —Fred from Berlin, NH

Wine tasting cruise

Visit Maine harbors

Best food cruise in Rockland

"What an honor it was to be on this beautiful sailing vessel, especially for a land-locked person as myself, living inland my entire life. Maine is beautiful and the water is great! The crew is wonderful, so enthusiastic. This was living a Bucket List moment!" —Lakewood, CO

Sailing cruise for older adults

Rockland Breakwater

Cruising in Maine

"This was the best vacation, it was so gorgeous, I think I learned more English than in five years of lessons! Thank you for a great time. Hugs and kisses" —Darmstadt, Germany

Sail the Maine coast

Maine Lighthouse cruise

Sailing and foodies

"What a fantastic trip! The weather was good (fog and light winds), and turned fantastic: blue skies, brisk winds, and great sailing. The boat was great fun, the crew was very competent and friendly. The captain runs a tight ship and took us on a great tour around Penobscot Bay. Anna is a fantastic cook. Every meal was a gourmet experience. What food! The wine tasting selections and detailed information means that we will definitely be back on a wine tasting trip." —St. Paul, MN

Maine ocean vacation

Schooner Gam

Schooner Taber

Rockland Schooner with best food

Best foodie schooner

Windjammer vacation

"This trip was the perfect restorative after a busy summer and difficult early fall. Nothing like great scenery, companionship, and grub to set all to rights!" —Richardson, TX

romantic vacation in Maine

Maine sailing

Steven Taber

"All the way from Australia for our second trip on the Stephen Taber. Any and all superlatives you care to supply could hardly describe our voyage. A fine crew to restore your faith in the youth of today — wonderful Captain and sommelier and most amazing cook. Thank you, thank you, thank you." —Mimi and Craig

Parade of Sail

These people just met
These people just met

Stuffed Free Range Chicken

"Thank you so very much for your hard work, delicious food, and always going the extra mile to find the best cove, the most spectacular site for a sunset, the delightful town. This was a birthday present for my husband, but I was surprised and grateful to find out how wonderful it is to sail, eat, sing, and behold the sacred sunset from the ship's deck." —Susan and John from NYC

Our wharf in Rockland Harbor

Taber helm

Fresh zeppole from the galley

"Everything I read about the Taber promised excitement, adventure, and great food. After spending four days aboard, I find these boasts modest, at best. The experience exceeded all expectations." —Mike from NH


Help hoist the mainsail!

Plotting a course

Sailing past the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

Our on-board library

Charging up the bay

"Not enough superlatives in Roget's to describe what a wonderful experience this was! We will be back!" —Larry and Wendy from WI

Simply devine chowders

Swim call

Stephen Taber galley

"Just about the time you think you can't love the Taber any more she entwines your heart even tighter. Love you all beyond your belief" —John and Kim from PA

Hand-rolled pasta

Lighthouse Cruise

Block and tackle

Relax on deck

Schooners in Maine

Dining cruises

"Pure bliss!! That's all I can say about our week on the Taber. Cap'n Noah and Jane-excellent! The crew-stupendous! The Taber-so very fine! The experience couldn't have been more perfect. Wow, what an adventure this has been - we'll be back." —Ed and Cheri from TX


Maine island

Pond Island Maine hike

"Thank you and your splendid crew for such a crackerjack excursion up the coast of Maine. The telling here in California of sitting barefoot on a quiet island drinking a fine rose' and eating fresh steamed lobstah as though they were shrimp is great fun and causes wonderful envy. Anna and I are already working on gathering up a group to make the trip with you and your crew again." —Lou from Sacramento, CA


The Schooner's launch

Windjammer Stephen Taber

"Couldn't have dreamed of a better week! The sailing, the scenery, the FOOD! Each would have been great alone...and we got all 3! What a Captain! What a crew! A high bar has been set for any future adventure! Wheeeeeee!!!" —Lori from Phoenix, AZ

On deck at dusk

Evening row

Halyards secured

Morning fog off Owls Head


Ship's bell

"This tops the best of all my adventures so far! Thanks for a great sail. The crew was superb. I'll be back!!!" —Dolores from Fort Plain, NY


Inspired salads

Potatoes Au Gratin and Tomato Bisque

"...I had a stupendous, splendiferous, stunning, awe-inspiring, momentous, tremendous, super duper, eyepoppingly amazing week. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! See you next year." —Susan from Cold Spring, NY

Adventure Sails

Maine coast cruise

Island exploring

"Few things in life that we look forward to greatly meet all of our expectations. Fewer still exceed them. May the Taber sail forever!" —Susan from Rexville, NY

Foodie cruise

Captain Noah Barnes

Maine rainbow

"I dreamed about sailing on a schooner for many years. The reality of the sail was 100 times better than my dreams. Thanks to all for an excellent trip." —Lisa and Mike from Harvest, AL

Poached pears

Nights onboard Schooner Taber

Windjammer vacation

Nautical charts

Lighthouse sail

Taber under sail

"About 5,000 miles away from home (Kassel, Germany). It just took 3 days to make us feel like longtime members of the Stephen Taber family.... The Stephen Taber is indeed a VERY special vessel, although we have already seen so much of the U.S., this little tiny place is THE BEST!! Thanks (in German DANKE!!) to a great crew, great spirit, great fun, great food. To summarize it- We will be back, it was just ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!" —Stefanie & Lars from Kassel, Germany

Schooner vacation

Schooner trip

Sail the Maine coast

"Thanks for making this one of the great experiences of my life! The crew and Captain were outstanding. Maine is a long way from Texas, but the Taber and her crew made it worth every mile!" —Jeff from Brenham, TX

Maine coast seals

Windjammer sailing

Sailing the Taber

"We had a great time and I hope we get the chance to sail with you again. The Taber is the BEST!" —Les & Betty from Ames, NY

Food cruise

Schooner fare

Schooner with the best food

Maine schooner with the best food

Coastal Maine cruise

Boat adventure

"What an adventure! Our trip was beyond our expectations. Great Captain and terrific crew. May we meet again..." —Pam and Chris from Great Barrington, MA

Sailing vacation

Windjammer sail

Maine Schooner

"...A total escape from daily life, stress and worries. The Taber is wonderful. The crew is incredible, and the sea and scenery are breath taking. We hope to do this again next year. Thanks for everything!" —Stephanie S.

Schooner Stephen Taber

Sail aboard an authentic schooner

Sail aboard an authentic windjammer

"Thank you, Captain Noah and his crew for a wonderful trip aboard undoubtedly the BEST sailing vessel in the Maine fleet. Delicious food!! An experience that will stay with me forever. A big thanks to all of you." —Tom from Manchester, CT

Sail an authentic windjammer

Real Maine vacation

Maine adventure sails

Night sailing

Music cruise

Best foodie cruise in Maine

"While searching for a very unique experience..., we found the Stephen Taber. This trip has been one that has far exceeded both of our expectations. We enjoyed the entire sailing experience and we thank you for that." —Eileen and Paul from Trumbull, CT

Maine vacation at sea

Sailing vacation in Maine

Wine cruise

"Thank you for a wonderful vacation. You all made us realize what we really need. Good friends, great food and a sense of humor. This was a true getaway from our usual routine- a welcome change." —Linda and Jim from Manchester, CT

Maine's best food cruise

Best schooner cruise

Best windjammer in Maine

"I can honestly say that I very much enjoyed this. It is the best sea voyage I ever had. Thanks for your hospitality, and I will remember this experience until the day I die." —Ernie from Mollala, OR

Best schooner cruise in Maine

Best Maine schooner cruise

Best windjammer cruise

"Thank you all for a wonderful sailing experience: great food, fabulous company, great music, beautiful days and amazing nights aboard the best schooner in the fleet!" —Leo P.

Maine music cruise

Mature adventure cruise

Down East sailing

"The experience of a lifetime. It made for a very special 35th wedding anniversary. We'll be back next year." —Ted & Mary from Rockland, ME

Maine sailing vacation

Maine sailing trips

Maine sailing trip

"Thank you, thank you, thank you once again for sharing a little bit of heaven with us. As always, this was the most fabulous vacation we have ever had. We will be back!" —Bob & Dar G.

Sunset sail

Maine Island hopping

Windjammer adventure

"You made a 50 year old dream come true. Thank you, I had a grand time. Hope to see you again." —Fred from Berlin, NH

Best sailing in Maine

Penobscot Bay trip

Best seafood cruise

"An excellent trip on all accounts...sailing, weather, food, entertainment, relaxation. We couldn't have asked for a better time. Coming from Memphis, TN it was just the taste of New England that we needed (and have missed) so much!!" —Dave & Sue from Memphis, TN

Eat Lobsters on the beach

Best schooner in Maine

Best Maine vacation


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