Over 140 Years of Nautical History

Launched in 1871, the Stephen Taber epitomizes the classic coasting schooner. Built in an era when highly skilled shipwrights built fine vessels to be aesthetically beautiful as well as functional, she stands as a proud tribute to American craftsmanship.

She is today the oldest documented sailing vessel in continuous service in the United States, and is a National Historic Landmark.

In keeping with history, the Stephen Taber has no inboard engine, but relies on Babe, our trusty yawl boat, to give us a hefty push whenever we need her.

Whether we are charging across the bay with a steady following breeze or just ghosting along with a late-afternoon zephyr, you will thrill to being a part of this extraordinary Maine windjammer sailing adventure.

A well-to-do family enjoying a summer aboard the Taber, sailing the waters between Long Island and Newport, circa 1901.

Want to know more?

In December 1988, Sail Magazine printed a beautiful narrative by Brion Toss of the Taber's survival through the changing decades.

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